Its troubling when your kplc metre is not connecting. However, you can easily fix a kplc metre that is not connecting at home by yourself. We are going to give you three reasons and solutions for fixing a kplc metre connection error. We shall list the possible solutions below and discuss them later in this guide.

To fix a kplc metre that is not connecting check the following:

  1. Fix a kplc metre that is not connecting by checking your power connection socket.
  2. Check your kplc metre cable for any fault
  3. Reset the CIU of your kplc metre

Fix a kplc metre that is not connecting by checking your power connection socket.

Most times, a kplc metre fails to connect due to the kind of connection to power. Do the following to know if power is the issue.

  1. Connect the metre to your main power socket if you’ve connected it to your multi-plug to fix the kplc metre connection error.
  2. In case the problem persists, insert battery cells instead of a grid power connection.
  3. 90% of kplc metre connection issues have been fixed using this method.
  4. In case the issue persists, try the next method

Check your kplc metre cable for any fault

2. Sometimes the cable for connecting your metre to power may have developed a problem. To confirm whether this is the issue preventing your metre from connecting, do the following.

  1. Get another cable from someone else who uses a similar metre
  2. Replace the cable and connect to the main socket.
  3. If this is the issue then your metre should now connect
  4. If you cannot access an extra metre cable, then use batteries to power your metre to solve kplc metre connection issues.

Reset the CIU of your kplc metre

If you’ve tried all the above and your kplc metre won’t connect, solve the issue by resetting your metre’s CIU. Use the default KPLC METRE CIU reset codes and follow the below steps.

In case your metre connection error persists, contact kplc customer care using the contact details below:

Kplc customer care number is 0732170170. However, this number charges airtime to call making you ask, is there a kplc customer care number that I can call for free? Well, we shall tell you how you can reach kplc customer care for free later in this guide. However, for now, we provide you with kplc customer care contacts in detail.


  • KPLC Hotline number: 97771 
  • KPLC service-related customer care number: 0732170170
  • KPLC customer care number: 0703070707
  • KPLC fraudsters reporting number: 0718-999-000
  • KPLC national contact centre number: +254-203201000
  • KPLC corporate customer care number: 020-3201600 or 020-3201622
  • KPLC corporate customer care mobile number: 0711031975



  • *977#


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Please take note that we are not affiliated with kplc in any way and don’t offer any service related to kplc. All the information provided above is for public information use only. Strictly use the kplc contacts provided above and avoid asking for any help related to kplc here, thanks.

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